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In November 2007, was born in Varese, within the Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Insubria, the Center for Research in minimally invasive surgery.
Minimally invasive surgery is a technique that aims to minimize the "trauma" surgery, performing actions through small incisions and reducing the manipulation of organs.
This allows, in principle, a more rapid resumption of normal physiology and, consequently, a better post-operative.
At the General Surgery, under the direction of Professor Renzo Dionigi, this novel technique is practiced in specific interventions since 1991.
L 'expansion of the indications and the increasing number of procedures performed with minimally invasive, have resulted in the need to create a university research centers in that particular sector, whose aims are described below.
The Center consists of several key elements including a Director, a Scientific Council, the group of active members, and an Advisory Board made up of national and international experts in the field of minimally invasive surgery.