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At the General Surgery, under the direction of Professor Renzo Dionigi, since 1991 are performed with mini-invasive interventions.
With the birth of the Research Center, in addition to scientific component intrinsic to the structure itself, it wants to provide the patient with a service at 360° both in terms of types of surgical procedures carried out both in terms of pre-and post-intervention.
This end is achieved through a continuous training and retraining of personnel dedicated to medical practice, both through the establishment of clinics dedicated to allow a careful assessment of clinical indications to any minimally invasive approach.
In clinical practice, the Center places a major importance to obtaining true informed consent from the patient, illustrating the same real potential advantages of this method, but also the possible complications and contraindications of the same specifications.
The patient is then assured full assistance in the post-operative through a specific follow-up and a telephone number to which to refer in case of specific problems.

The surgical procedures that are performed at the Center for Research in minimally invasive surgery are:

  • Exploratory Laparoscopy video

  • Laparoscopic biopsy for diagnostic

  • Adrenalectomy

  • Lysis of adhesions

  • Appendectomy

  • Cholecystectomy

  • Plastic anti-gastroesophageal reflux esopfageo
  • Colon-rectal resection for benign and malignantvideo

  • Splenectomy

  • Plastics of abdominal wall hernias

  • Splancnicectomy

  • Simpaticectomy

  • Nephrectomy
  • Living kidney donationvideo
  • Liver resectionsvideo

  • Esophageal resection


Here are some data on the number of procedures performed within the Center for the last year.